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Mdina Glass , Malta 1968

Founded by accomplished Glass Artist Michael Harris

being forced to leave the company in hands of his studio artists Michael went on to inspire and contribute to the creation of Mtarfa, Gozo, Phonecian Island Glass

but primarily to lead and found Isle of Wight Glass on which he worked alongside his family until his death in 1994.

These are a few examples of some of Michaels early pieces (signed and unsigned) and also some later

Please browse these few examples of our current stock .

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Chalice signed by Michael Harris, Mdina Glass Malta circa 1969 Mdina Early Textured Bottle 1968-70 Blue Shade Mdina Early Textured Bottle 1968-70 Green Shade


Mdina Textured Open-necked Vase 1970s Mdina Goblet 1970s Left - Mdina tricorn in pale organic colours signed mdina by Michael Harris circa 1969 Right - Unusual shaped flattened grecian


Mdina textured vase circa 1969 by Michael Harris Selection of brown and tortoiseshell colorway Mdina pieces circa 1970 - 78 Flight of Mdina - Fish vases by Michael Harris Circa 1970


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