Burgh-Le-Marsh Furnishings  


Our workshop is located on the East coast of Lincolnshire - close to the Seaside resort of Skegness,

Burgh-Le-Marsh is an exclusive parish town full of character and unspoilt charm.

We do not have showrooms but travel the length and breadth of the country attending Exhibitions,

chances are we may be visiting your area in the near future.

Please email ptrapmore@yahoo.com for specific fair locations.

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Peter has been in the Antique and Restoration Business since he left school and has earnt a wealth of working knowledge in both Trade and Retail areas.

He regularly attends major Antique events around the UK where he is known and respected by numerous reputable trading companies and individuals.

His lifetime of experience and passion for exquisite pieces guarantees the customer quality, value and service.

Buy With Confidence.


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